Adventura 27FLB Fifth Wheeler

Adventura 27FLB Fifth Wheeler

Yes, we stepped way outside the box when we built the new

Pacific Adventura 27FLB Fifth Wheeler !

Do you want to know why?
Because we listened to you……
You wanted a lot more storage;
You wanted full head height with no internal steps;
You wanted quality suspension for our roads;
You wanted quality Australian appliances; and
You wanted it 100% legal for Australian roads.
And you didn’t want to live in a 5th Wheeler with American decor;
Well … now you have it, and so much more!

If you are looking to buy a new fifth wheeler, do yourself a big favor and take the time and look through these pages to see how unique the  new Adventura 27FLB fifth wheeler is. Built to high standard from quality products like composite maters. The Adventura has no material that can rot or hold water in the main construction. The strong 400 mm chassis is Hot-dip galvanization  to protect it from the harsh environment. Wall and roof insulation is of very high quality to control the varied climate of Australia.   The Adventura 27FLB fifth wheeler is designed for long term living in Australia and is great for free camping. The new patented slide down room allows for a flat floor and and almost seven foot high ceilings from front to back. Besides the slide down room, the Adventura 27FLB fifth wheeler has three other slide out rooms.One in the living are, and another two in the bed room. One is the bed slide room and the other is the full size rear wardrobe.

So please take your time and study these pages and you will see how good your home will be.

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Independent air bag suspension

Independent air bag suspension gives the Adventura 27FLV a smooth ride on rough roads.

Huge under body storage

Market leader with a huge under body storage under the Adventura 27FLB

3D floor plan Adventura 27FLB

3D floor plan of the Adventura 27FLB

Right hand 3D floor plan

Right hand 3D floor plan of the Adventura 27FLB

Left hand 3D floor plan

Left hand 3D floor plan of the Adventura 27FLB

Battery protector

* Protects Batteries from being overly discharged. * Fully automatic. * Switch Selectable Cut-Off Voltage. * LED indicator. * Settings - 10v - 10.5v - 11v - 12v.

Three burner cook top with glass lid

Combination 3-burner cooker and integrated glass cover. Flush mount and 12 V reignition. Flame failure device Colour: Stainless steel

Ibis MK3 Roof Top Air Conditioner (Living Room)

Stylish ultra low profi le, whisper quiet and super effi cient – perfect for Australia’s harsh conditions. Reverse cycle for heating and cooling.

Black tank flush kit

The black tank is fitted with a spray head and a one way valve to make cleaning out the black tank a breeze.

12 Volt Water Pump

12 volt diaphragm water pump provides reliable, steady water pressure for your entire RV when you are free camping.

Electric / Manual Jacks

The four 12 volt remote controlled jacks were specially designed for the Adventura 27FLB. They are very strong and stable. able to lift up the adventura. The Adventura is uneak when it comes to the Jacks. The strength of the chassis is so strong that each corner is fitted with a jack. Together they can lift the RV off the ground.Easyly lift one side if you get a flat tyre. The Jacks are long travel but can tuck up nice and neat under the floor. Angle suports take away the ocilation of normal fifth wheel jacks so you have a very stable floor. The remote control make it east to see what you are doing.

Electric Steps

Strong and stable Electric Steps are fitted to the Adventura 27FLB.

Battery Charger 240 to 12volt

The Voltech Battery Charger is a fully automatic 5 stage battery charger. Suits the wide range of batteries that are available, including Lithium Ion, Calcium, GEL, Wet and AGM. The new Voltech Battery Charger is MCU controlled which provides features such as constant battery monitoring and smart and extensive fail safe protections.

Solar Panel Controller

This MPPT Solar Controller is for regulating the current charge in accordance with the battery voltage. The 12 volt 30A solar controller, with LED indicator lights, is just the device for the job.

The iSeries Tank Systems Monitor

The iSeries Tank Systems Monitor provides hassle free tank monitoring for your RV or boat. The iSeries is patented technology with Level Alert ™. It is the ONLY tank monitor tested and approved by the United States Coast Guard. It is NMMA Certified using ABYC® standards. * Fully Programmable for up 8 regular tanks. * Alarms at High or Low settings * Live Tech Help for installation * Monitors Battery Voltage as well.

Macerator Toilet Pump

The advantage of a Macerator Pump on the black and grey water is the ability to pump water up hill through a one inch hose. Nothing worse than being caught out by a dump point higher than the outlet of the RV. The one inch hose easily fits into the standard two inch pipe in most caravan parks.

DC to DC Multi Stage Chargers/Booster

Voltage Boosters are for 12v systems, they can operate from as low as an 8v input to produce a regulated 13.8v DC output. The voltage available from most tow vehicles is not high enough to charge the batteries in the RV's. Especiallly if the fridge is running while you are driving. The voltage from the tow vehicle is boosted to supply enogh voltage to run the fridge and charge the battery bank.

Sparrow Roof Top Air Conditioner (Bed Room)

The Sparrow reverse cycle heat pump roof top air conditioner is a lightweight rooftop style unit. A reverse cycle air conditioner has unmatched efficiency and provides one of the most economical forms of heating. The Sparrow provides both heating and cooling as well as filtered and dehumidified air.

UNI-SOLAR Solar Panels

UNI-SOLAR products are lightweight, flexible and directly adhere to roofing surfaces , thus avoiding numerous roof penetrations. At less than 1 lb per square foot UNI-SOLAR’s PowerBondTM solar laminate is less than 1/5th the weight of crystalline solar panels. Two particular features of UNI-SOLAR modules that make them attractive in the Australasian market are their superior performance in both high temperatures and shade. In comparison to crystalline modules, the amorphous silicon technology used in UNI-SOLAR modules ensures that system performance is less affected by high temperatures and partial shading.

12 Volt Compressor

The on board 12 volt Compressor allows the air bags to be re-inflated after dumping air to change height.

Remote Control Fantastic Fans

Two remote control Fantastic Fans. FEATURES • Low Amp Draw • Automatic Lift Dome • Quiet Operation • Reversible Air Flow • Rain Sensor Automatically Closes Dome When Wet • IR Remote With Wall Cradle • Automatic Variable Speed (Thermostat Activated) • Manual Speed With 13 Settings • Open and Close The Dome From The Remote • High Profile Base

Bosch Electronic Highflow

The Bosch Electronic Highflow 17e is compact, space-saving and easy to install. It delivers 17 L/min at a 25°C rise, has a 5.66 energy efficiency rating, It is suitable for 1 bathroom homes

The Dometic 12 volt Power Awning

The Dometic 12 volt Power Awning extends and retracts with the touch of a button inside your RV. No need to lift the hardware, a real plus on RVs with basement storage. Knee action design lets the awning fabric and hardware flex in moderate wind to prevent damage, and lets you walk out either end of the awning without having to duck your head. Its contemporary styling offers radius edges for a sleek appearance.

Macerator Toilet 12 Volt

TMC Electric Luxury Marine Macerator Toilet 12 Volt This TMC Luxury electric 12 Volt marine toilet comes with a home style enhanced bowl with plastic seat & cover. The full-size china bowl is skirted to conceal all the plumbing and wiring. The inbuilt macerator pump turns every thing to liquid and pumps into the holding tank. Low water usage and easy push button flush.

Panasonic Convection Microwave / Grill / Oven

32 L premium convection microwave / grill / oven.

Dometic WMD 1050

This space saver washing machine is the ideal solution for those people with limited space and has features and performance you would expect from a world leader in laundry appliances. This front loader washing machine is compact in design and is manufactured to comfortably handle laundry loads of up to 3kg. Unlike conventional top loading appliances, the space saver can be installed under a work bench. This allows you to maximise work bench space in your kitchen or laundry.

NOVA KOOL RFU9009DC 258 Litre Fridge/Freezer

Large 258 l 2 door compressor 12V fridge NOVA KOOL RFU9009DC 258 Litre Fridge/Freezer 258 Litres Total Internal Volume: 188 litres of fridge space at the top where everyday items are easy to reach. The 70 litre freezer space is on the bottom. 12v 240V compressor fridge.

Floor Plan

This original design has set the new standard for space in fifth wheeler’s. The patent slide down has given a true flat floor and allowed the bedroom to be at the rear instead of traditionally up over the hitch.