Adventura 27FLB Testimonials and Tests

Adventura 27FLB Testimonials and Tests


Sixteen Months on the road.

by Alan & Lyn Bradley 13/01/2016

Well here we are 16 months on from picking up our Adventura in Oct 2014 , sitting in our
comfortable home that follows us around this great country .
We have had such an awesome time travelling since Feb 2015 , our travels have taken us through
Queensland , Northern Territory and Western Australia , and we have done it in great comfort .
Our Adventura and Landcruiser have both performed admirably on the trip . It hasn’t been without
minor problems – we haven’t met anyone travelling that has had a problem free trip so far !! There
are always little things . Any time we have needed assistance Garry has been available , with
guidance and advice whenever we have needed it .
The Adventura continues to impress other travellers , many are owners of other 5th wheelers ,
large and small , there have been many caravanners looking through as well – all their impressions
have been really positive – they cant believe how much room we have , how light and airy it is and
how much storage there is !! They continue to be impressed by the drop down front slide , that
gives us a flat floor inside – No steps !!
We’ve even chatted to a road train driver in Northern Territory for about 20 mins as we drove
toward Darwin , he was very interested in where it came from , because ” it looks so much better
than some of the larger 5th wheelers “( his words , not mine – but I agree ) .
We have replaced a faulty DC – DC charger , replaced 2 window roller blinds , replaced a drawer
runner , repaired the water tank and added another battery to give us even more battery back up ,
which the solar system keeps charged very well . In fact over the christmas period , we had the
Adventura parked beside our daughters house while we stayed inside the house , temperatures
near Perth touched the 40’s for a couple of days , and were above 30 for most of the others , the
fridge was running the whole time , we checked the voltage in the batteries a couple of times out of
curiousity and found them at 13.9 v one of the hot days and at 14.2v on a couple of the others .
We don’t travel with a generator – although there have been a couple of days free camping , that
we could have done with the air con running – it was 37 degrees !!
Many people often ask how we go manouvering around tight caravan parks , we chuckle to
ourselves on that one , as we can get into most places without too much bother at all – much to the
dismay of all the experts that watch you as you reverse in and set up . They seem even more
dismayed as we set up everything , and relax with a cool drink after a mere 25mins .
Our gas cylinders each last between 8 and 12 weeks . The convection microwave cooks really
well . Everything works really well .
Towing couldn’t be easier , no wobbles , it just follows us wherever we go . Hitching and unhitching
is straight forward as well . We have towed it down sandy , corrugated tracks without a problem .
We watched amused , as a medium sized motorhome pulled up and started pulling everything out
to remove all the red dust from inside the Rv – that’s something we didn’t get – all the seals on the
hatches , doors and windows performed exceptionally . Some dust did get in , but it was only when
we had the windows open on windy days .
Things we would change
– maybe a slightly larger water tank , although we can make the 140 litre tank stretch to 5 days
– the outside table could be a bit lower
– the windows at the front could be a little lower
Other than that we are more than happy with our home , and cannot recommend it highly enough !!
Thanks Garry , great design , great product !!
Happy Travels
Alan & Lyn Bradley









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Adventura 27FLB Testimonials & Tests

Alan & Lyn Bradley, November 08, 2014

The idea of going out and travelling Australia on a permanent basis , was something we have been considering for several years . We have been researching vehicles – all types and persuasions , and what would suit us while we are travelling this great country .
We found Pacific RV’s website and saw what we thought was our ideal vehicle – it had all the features we wanted and then some , lots of storage space – and I mean lots .

We contacted Garry and visited him on a few occasions while we organised ourselves . He has been amazing , answering all of our questions & emails , keeping us up to date with newsletters and photos during all of the manufacturing process . When it came time to pick up our RV , we spent a week with Garry and learnt as much as we could about it , leaving with an amazing vehicle and feeling very confident about handling anything that came our way . Thanks Garry , you are one of natures gentlemen !!

It handles very well , soaking up the uneven road conditions without a problem – the independent airbag suspension soaking up all the bumps . Once we got used to the size and how it feels towing , each subsequent drive got easier and easier . So much so that our drive from The Entrance through Gosford and then through Sydney went without any drama . Roundabouts and tight corners didn’t bother us while towing , with the RV tracking nicely behind our Landcruiser twin cab . Manouvering in caravan park and tight sites has been very easy .

When it comes to setting up , once on site we can be fully set up in about 20 mins . The stabilisers on each corner can take 1500 kgs and make levelling up very easy . With the press of a few buttons here and there , the steps come out ,the recliners slide down into position , dining table slide goes out ,bedroom slide goes out , and wardrobe slide goes out , connect a hose or two and an electric lead and you are in business .

We have a 3kg Dometic front loader washing machine , a Panasonic Convection Microwave oven that works beautifully and 2 air conditioners – these require 240v power , everything else runs on 12 volt – the 250 litre fridge runs on 240v when available or 12v . The myriad of lights are all LED and provide ample light – all storage boxes have LED lights as well . There are 2 TVs ,both with DVD capability . A sound system with USB , iPod and CD ports , that is connected to speakers in the bedroom, lounge and exterior , and they are all able to be switched on or off independently.

Then there is the solar system that supplies ample power to keep the 2 x 100 amp hour batteries charged , to keep you out free camping – we had contemplated getting a generator , but that decision has been put on hold as we probably won’t need one .

There is a 140 litre fresh water tank , 120 litre grey tank and an 80 litre black tank to keep you out there for several days .

Then there is the automatic awning 5m long – couldn’t be easier to put out and bring in if the wind does pick up .

Storage is amazing with 3 boxes on the left hand side and 2 on the right hand side available for use , 2 other boxes contain electrics and plumbing . Then there is the central storage that you could fit a tandem kayak in . In the rear storage you find the spare wheel – you could fit 2 wheels and still have space for more gear .

Internal storage space is more than adequate , with cupboards and drawers that will accommodate everything you will need .

This Rv comes with all this and more , as standard equipment !!

We have had 6 people in the lounge / kitchen and there was still room for more .

If you are contemplating serious travelling , make sure the Adventura is on your list- it will be hard to beat .

This is our home , and feels just right – friends and family who have seen it are amazed at the space and the quality . When you sit down in the recliners , you just relax and feel at home -Simply put – it just feels right !!!

Alan & Lyn