Fifth wheeler caravan tow vehicles

Fifth wheeler caravan tow vehicles

Fifth wheeler caravan tow vehicles

Iveco Daily Dual Cab

The Daily Dual Cab range offers all the versatility of the Daily Cab Chassis but with room for the whole crew. With up to a seven seat capacity, the Daily Dual Cab ensures it can handle the toughest work load without compromising comfort. The Daily Dual Cab is ideal for motorhomes and fifth wheelers.

Why six wheel conversions for fifth wheelers in Australia?

The main reason to spend the money on a six wheel conversion is to carry and tow more weight. If you do wish to go down this path, you need to make sure that the entire 6 wheel conversion is engineered, inspected & certified for your needs.

The extra length of the tow vehicle much less of a problem, than the extra width and extra height of the imports and small trucks.
You can still park in low undercover parking areas etc, and open the doors in a normal car park.
You also get a larger range of Australian vehicles to convert, vehicles that do not feeling like a monster truck to drive!
The servicing of common Australian vehicles is also much easier.
Having an extra axle also gives you a larger tray to carry more gear behind the cab, but the best thing, is that you get a much better turning circle, 90 degree in most cases. This option can give you the perfect fifth wheel tow vehicle for Australia.

How to calculate what size of fifth wheeler that your ute can tow.

(Stated Gross combined Mass) less (Kerb weight) equals maximum fifth wheeler weight.

Note, this is a guide and not a recommendation. You should check with your manufacture of your the tow vehicle.
We also recommend checking your weight of your tow vehicle with accessories fitted and fuelled up to confirm your true Kerb weight.

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